Cade Wiesflog

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Athlete Profile

Age Pending Location Pending AZ Jersey Number 4 Height/Weight Pending / 0 Primary Sport Basketball Position Pending School/League Attitude United Level Black


Cade lives in the key and is dangerous under the basket. Has his lay-ups down-pat! Averaging 10 points per game he is an excellent all-around player for the Attitude United 5th/6th grade team at the Black level from the Scottsdale Paradise Valley YMCA. 

Cade has good ball handling skills, is unselfish with 2-3 assists per game. He is shooting at 40% two-pointers and 33% at the line. But he is not just a good offensive player, he also grabs an avrage of 3 rebounds per game, both offensive and defensive. Showing high Basketball IQ at a young age. Let's keep our eyes on Cade Wiesflog for a bright future.


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9 2.25 2 57.1 0.25

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